Get Featured on arTenzia.

All arTenzia SUBJECTS are featured, in whole or in part,  on the arTenzia website and YouTube

1 to 3 minute target length

No one can guarantee that a video will go viral, or even become popular. However, the majority of viral online videos are brief: 1 - 3 minutes long. This is our target length for your introductory video.  Longer videos can also have great value, especially if they are oriented toward telling a bigger, more comprehensive story.

Preparation for Your Artist Studio Visit

You should prepare your workspace (whether it’s a corner of a room in your apartment or a separate studio) like you’re expecting a visitor.  Don’t worry about making it too neat and tidy - your studio is not a gallery, and it’s more engaging for your audience to see your behind the scenes workspace. Please have the pieces you really want to show out and available to be seen, and also please put away or hide any pieces you don’t want to be seen. Dress for the interview looking your artsy best, as you would to appear at an open studios event. The interview lasts for about 15 minutes, during which time you will be asked to identify yourself, talk about your art, your background, your motivation, and most of all, any good stories you have about being an artist! You will be asked about your backstory and how it applies to your work. Please note that the more open and honest you can be about your bio, the more effective your online video will be.