Artist: Dominique Lecomte


After a sabbatical year spent taking Art courses at the School of Images in Epinal (France), Dominique starts exhibiting oil and acrylic on canvas, then etchings. He also travels a lot and in 1994, he goes to the USA to teach in an international school. Gradually, he specializes in landscapes made with relief printing techniques and watercolors, but he keeps using photography as a visual travel log.

His visual work is not intended to describe particular places, but the ideas related to them, and his short stories, philosophico-humoristic takes on everyday life, follow the same trend. He can be found in private and public collections in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Ecuador, England, France, Italy, Japan, Norway, Sweden, and the USA.

Artist Statement

I travel, I look around, I take pictures; it is sometimes far away, sometimes just around the corner, in any case, I never work on the spot; on the spot, I sense the colors, the surroundings, the sounds, and it is only later and far away that I can use what I have seen; in this respect, I agree with Zen painting techniques - meditate in front of a landscape and then draw it by heart –

My works, whether they are prints, photos or short stories, are then a mix of impressions, the ones I had at the time I traveled, the ones I have when I am working and remembering these times; I want to express a memory more than reproduce a detailed scenery, so I create images opened to interpretation, conveying the message you want them to convey. I want them to be colorful, warm, and a bit mysterious. If they make you smile, or travel, or imagine, if you feel the need to get one for you, I have reached my goal.

About Working With arTenzia

"Roberto is both very professional and very easy to work with. Once he has seen what you do, and talked a little bit with you, he guides you before filming you, encourages you, and does not hesitate to retake a shot if you made a mistake. At the same time, it is obvious he knows what kind of story he will tell, how he will present it, and he takes the shots he will need, carefully, and efficiently. If, like me, you wonder what will come of all this filming, be prepared for a big surprise: it will be better than everything that has ever been done about you. He will come up with 2-3 minutes of very visually pleasing video, artistically woven to reflect the kind of work you do, and the kind of artist you are, even taking great care to choose the accompanying music. Would I recommend him? If it is not clear by now, it will never be. Do not hesitate to work with him, he is great, and friendly too." - Dominique Lecomte