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Artist Catherine Bastien: What I like the most is leading creative workshops as a teacher, and I also pursue this passion in a more personal way at home. It is all about paper.  All kinds of paper.  Books, newspaper, cardboard, wrapping paper, papier-mâché, tissue paper, and more.

I have been working with this medium for a long time now.  Making cards, scrapbooking, stamping, altering books, gluing, cutting, sewing, or folding. It's a material so humble and versatile that a creative eye can transform it into something surprising and wonderful.

Right now, I am mostly folding books, old books, given books, used books, lost books. I give them a new appearance, a new form, a new style, and suddenly the final shape takes a new meaning.

About Working with arTenzia

"It was a little bit of a surprise to see Roberto coming to film my paper art during the Open Studios. I met him the day before but did not realize that he really wanted to make a video of my work. I was suddenly very shy, but Roberto was very professional, patient and did not even laugh about my accent.

When I saw the video I was very impressed and of course sent it right away to my family and friends.

Their comments were all very positive:The beauty of the images, the way the video emphasize my work, making it more delicate, more surprising and unique. If you want to promote your art, you should consider arTenzia!" - Catherine Bastien